LONDON 6-8 JULY 2018

Invest three days in this exclusive accelerator designed to give you a rapid path to fast track your development plan and pitch deck, working and learning from world class mentors and blockchain startups


Blockchain Startups are faced with the following challenges

  • Standing out from the noise of the market to raise capital

  • Recruiting the best talent

  • Attracting the right customers and partners

  • Investing enough time to articulate the plan and product effectively

  • Connecting with the right mentors and peers

The Blockchain Accelerator solves these challenges in 3 days of high level mentoring to connect you to the right plan, positioning and pathway to attract the resources you need to succeed.

The Event In A Nutshell

The Blockchain Accelerator is a three day accelerator programme managed by Entrepreneurs Institute at WeWork London.

Join 40 companies developing blockchain related technology to build your plans with the support of expert mentors. You will leave with a developed pitch deck that will appeal to both investors and partners.

With just one event in 2018 in London, this exclusive accelerator is limited to just 40 companies.


You will also be a part of a competition with the opportunity to gain investment capital of GBP100K or more available to the prize winning companies based on the final day pitches at the end of the accelerator.

Entrepreneurs Institute will also publicise the top companies seeking funding or additional mentoring to its global community of investors and mentors.


London’s #1 Accelerator Program for Blockchain fast growth companies.

WeWork Kings Place, 90 York Way, London

6-8 July 2018.

Startups and fast growth companies focused at blockchain related technology

£1,495 for three day program (£495 for WeWork members)

Full plan and pitch deck, with award winners receiving £20,000+ in prizes and up to £100,000 in seed investment and mentoring.


If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.

~ Elon Musk

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you are launching or growing a blockchain startup, you know you are a pioneer in the next revolutionary wave of commerce. That comes with both good news and bad news.

The good news is that the next billion dollar businesses will be born out of this moment in time. Those with the strongest value proposition, positioning and pathways will emerge from the crowd to lead a new paradigm in global business. Most in the industry agree this shift in business will be greater than the introduction of the Internet and the Dotcom boom of the 1990s.

The bad news is that for every one success there is likely to be hundreds failures. As with the Dotcom boom, which led to the bubble and bust, those who attempt to grow without enough clarity in their mission and plan will fail. It will be those who try and move too fast with not enough depth of thought who will get lost in the noise. That’s why we are launching the Blockchain Accelerator.

Over the last ten years, I have mentored thousands of fast growth entrepreneurs around the world. Entrepreneurs Institute is today a community of over 700,000 entrepreneurs in 200 countries around the world, using tools and systems that are enabling them to scale rapidly. In the last 12 months I have been mentoring tech and blockchain startups from Europe, USA, Asia and Africa with the same tools to achieve success.

We are now partnering with WeWork to bring the first Blockchain Accelerator to London, with a panel of mentors to ensure you get clarity in your plan and pitch deck, together with a room full of blockchain related startups to learn from, so that you can attract the resources you need and so that you maximise your success at this unique moment in time.

From the Impact Meter, which gives you the steps to 10x your enterprise growth, to the Purpose Test, Genius Test & Passion Test to pinpoint your mission, your talent and your team, we’ll equip you with proven tools to accelerate your enterprise.

I look forward to seeing you this July,

In addition to the high value of the program in developing a robust business strategy around blockchain and completing a plan and pitch deck that will attract partners and investors, all participants will be part of a pitch presentation on the final day with £20,000+ in prizes and up to £100,000 in seed investment and mentoring. This includes:


The mentors will be a panel of entrepreneurs and experts who will mentor and guide the participants through the program, as well as be part of the judging for the most promising and investable plans. Expert mentors within our network include:

THOMAS POWER I Cryptocurrency Expert.
Director of 9 Spokes, a global financial dashboard

SCOTT PICKEN I Blockchain Expert.
Founder of Wealth Migrate,
the blockchain property platform

ROGER HAMILTON I Author and Entrepreneur.
Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and GeniusU

KATIE MILLS I Fintech expert.
Head of Operations in Qadre,
Director of StateZero

Business Development Lead of Qadre

NICK WILLIAMSON I Fintech expert.
CEO of Qadre

NICK WILLIAMSON I Fintech expert.
CEO of Qadre


Whether you are working on a new idea, launching a new startup or running an established business, if you are finding that standing out from the noise of the market to raise capital, recruiting the best talent and attract the right customers and partners is a challenge then this is a must attend event.


Entrepreneurs Institute is the world’s No.1 Entrepreneur Education Network with over 700,000 members in 20,000 cities, running over 300 events and accelerators each year. The model for the Blockchain Accelerator is based on a proven model that we have run with 10+ years of history.

WeWork is the world’s largest network of coworking locations and has the community and facilities to host the this accelerator and become a hub for Blockchain focused companies.

Eli Oei
Business Transformation Expert & Co-Founder
Futurist Collective

Lisa Brincat
Business Model Wizard & Co-Founder
Futurist Collective


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WeWork Kings Place, 90 York Way, London
6-8 July 2018.

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